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Биометрический прибор Zeiss IOLMaster 700

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Биометрический прибор Zeiss IOLMaster 700
Биометрический прибор Zeiss IOLMaster 700Под заказ
от 806 295,18 грн.


Zeiss IOLMaster 700, incl. electr. table and printer, NEW

The new ZEISS IOLMaster 700 
with SWEPT Source Biometry
ZEISS was the inventor of the first optical biometer and pioneered the introduction of OCT for ophthalmology. 
We have now integrated SWEPT Source OCT technology into biometry to create the first SWEPT Source Biometry
device from ZEISS.
Defining next generation biometry from ZEISS. 

Your key benefits
Get fewer refractive surprises OCT image based biometry for visually verifying measurements and for the detection of unusual eye geometries

Improve your refractive outcomes
Repeatability, clinical foundation, telecentric 
keratometry, biometrical parameters

Optimize your workflow
On-board toric IOL power calculation, 
easy delegation, measurement speed, 
markerless implantation of toric IOLs

Make a future-proof investment
Platform ready for future enhancements, 
hassle-free service package

Get fewer refractive surprises
Detect unusual eye geometries
The SWEPT Source Biometry performed by the 

700 from ZEISS provides a full-length 
OCT image showing anatomical details of the eye 
on a longitudinal cut through the entire eye. Thus, 
for the first time in optical biometry, unusual eye 
geometries, such as a tilt or decentration of the 
crystalline lens, can be detected. If left undetected, 
such critical details can lead to an unsatisfactory 
post-operative visual experience.

Detect poor fixation 
The unique Fixation Check of the IOLMaster 700 
provides you with more confidence in biometry. 
Can you see the foveal pit? If so, you can reduce 
the risk of refractive surprises due to incorrect 
measurements caused by undetected poor fixation. 
If not, you can educate your patients to always 
fixate on target.

Visually verify your measurement
All measurement calipers are shown on the full-length OCT image provided by the ZEISS IOLMaster 700. 
Now, for the first time in biometry, you can visually verify what structure of the eye has been measured. 
The complex interpretation of A-scans and guesswork as to which peak might be the right one to be 
measured are no longer necessary. Thus, potential sources of errors are eliminated.

Outstanding repeatability
Repeatability is essential for good refractive 
outcomes. Thanks to its unique SWEPT Source 
Biometry with 2,000 scans per second, the 
repeatability of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is 
absolutely outstanding.

Get the broadest basis of clinical data
The biometry of ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is 100 
% compatible with former versions of the IOLMaster. Therefore, you can 
leverage the complete “User Group of Laser Interference Biometry” (ULIB) database. You will find optimized lens 
constants for more than 270 IOL models based on the data from over 50,000 cataract surgeries specifically collected 
for the IOLMaster. This will help you to improve your refractive outcom.

Unique telecentric keratometry 
ZEISS is the only company that offers a biometer 
with telecentric, and thus distance-independent, 
keratometry. Its smart optical configuration allows 
robust and repeatable measurements – especially 
with restless patients – for superior keratometry 

Complete set of biometric parameters 
for latest IOL power calculation formulas
The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 measures all biometric 
parameters for the latest IOL power calculation 

Toric IOL power calculation made easy
In the new Haigis Suite, the ZEISS IOLMaster 700
provides the first on-board all-in-one solution for 
toric IOL power calculation. It combines the well 
established Haigis formula, the Haigis-L formula 
for post-LVC cases, and the new Haigis-T for toric 
IOL in one powerful tool. There is no need to key-in 
data into the vendors’ online toric IOL power 
calculation tools.

Easy to use and delegate
Taking biometry measurements made easy! The 
multi-touch screen and the new graphical user 
interface allow for gesture control of the device 
like you are used to from your smartphone or 
tablet computer. 
Alignment assistance functions make the results 
largely independent from the user and therefore 
easy to delegate. 

Thanks to its SWEPT Source Biometry, the measure-
ments take only seconds. This is a huge advantage – 
especially with restless patients.

Implant toric IOLs markerless – ZEISS Cataract Suite 
The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is part of the 
ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless. 
It acquires a reference image in case of astigmatism during routine biometry. The image of the eye is taken along with the keratometry measurement, all with one device. Both, reference image and keratometry 
data are transferred to CALLISTO eye, the computer-assisted cataract surgery system from ZEISS. 
During surgery, the image is used for intra-operative matching with the live eye image. All data needed is injected into the eyepiece of the surgical microscopes of the OPMI LUMERA
Pre-operative corneal marking and additional measurements for toric IOL alignment 
become obsolete.

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