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Оборудование для оптики и офтальмологических кабинетов.

Биометр + Пахиметр Tomey AL-4000

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Биометр + Пахиметр Tomey AL-4000
Биометр + Пахиметр Tomey AL-4000Под заказ
404 834,40 грн.


Tomey AL-4000, compact biometer and pachymeter, NEW

Incl. Biometry probe, note book and analysis software
Pachymetry 20MHZ probe optional 

The Bio & Pachy Meter AL-4000 packs multiple functions into a handheld unit, such as axial length measurement, ACD measurement, lens thickness measurement, corneal thickness measurement, A-scan diagnosis, IOL power calculations, wireless communication function with a personal computer and so on. In addition, the ACD measurement range from 1.5mm (to 7.0 mm) that the new A-scan probe allows is particularly beneficial when performing the shallow anterior chamber measurement.

Wireless communication
Axial length + corneal thickness
Compact body
Rechargeable battery with AC adapter
Multiple IOL power calculation
A-scan diagnostic probe (optional)
Integrated database software (TB-1000)
Contact + immersion mode

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  • Цена: 404 834,40 грн.